Tiffany Simos

State : VIC
Office Location : DHHS Preston

Tiffany was very judgemental. She also did not listen when my children were crying out for help. She failed to pick up on the the signs that the children were being abused and sexually abused.

I was the one on a daily basis telling child protection that something’s not right and the children’s actions we’re not normal. As a child protection worker she should have and you would think be trained to notice that the children’s behaviours had changed considerably.

It was mentioned in their monthly court reports that the children’s behaviours were out of character and not normal and explainable. Tiffany failed to investigate why the children were acting the way they were.

No investigation was made, no effort was put in and all her attention was focused on me, proving that I was wrong, and proving that I was unfit.

She tried to maintain the fabricated stories that child protection accused me of . And they worked so hard to
try and prove their allegations against me that the level of care and well-being my children were ignored for 4 years and this is deplorable and I want my children to be compensated.


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