Tahnee Pike

State : NSW
Office Location : Hunter ISS, Charlestown

Tahnee Pike is a shitty caseworker. She has committed MULTIPLE federal crimes which each of them would carry a minimum 3 year sentence for her.

She committed multiple Use Carriage Service Threaten, Menace, Harass And Offend. And stalking and intimidation.

She has sent 32 emails since I have decided to abandon her.

She has sent 7 emails in one day, which is harassment and constantly sends multiple emails and texts and calls a day. She has also threatened me and my family multiple times.

Tahnee does all this using a computer and/or phone, which is using a carriage device. These use carriage crimes would average at about 30 years but she also has lots of other crimes. So she would have over 30 years jail time.

I complained to her bosses, Cara Petrie (Manager Caseworker Hunter ISS) and Tracy ( Last name unknown but is Cara’s boss and the Top person in Hunter ISS Charlestown) that she had committed multiple FEDERAL crimes and that we have lots of proof. They downplayed it.

I then asked for an apology. A week later I received a half hearted, fake, scripted apology. So to everyone who reads this as you can see, she only apologized because her bosses told her to. The only real apology that is acceptable, is to hand herself into her local police station (Charlestown Ps) and accept the maximum jail time with no probation or bail for each offense.

I attended Cessnock Police Station to get Tahnee Pike charged, and the desk lady said that DCJ are allowed to do that (use carriage service to harass and menace).

Tahnee has prevented me having a happy life when I was in a care home.

I was suicidal at the time because of her. Instead of being supportive or trying make my life happier, she gave me more restrictions and made my life miserable on purpose.

Tahnee is an extremely controlling person. She is constantly trying to arrange visits at my private domicile. She organised these without my confirmation or when time suits me. She does not show up on these visits.

She recently has got another two caseworkers to attend these supposed visits. Most likely she is scared. They do not attend these.

They organise 2 visits a week. But they have said they would like to do 3 visits a week. This disrupts my whole week, as I have stuff to do every Wednesday. These visits get organised on a Tuesday and Thursday.

She needs to be held accountable for her federal crimes and be sacked and go to jail and prosecuted publicly.

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