Sue Waterman

State: QLD
Office Location: Waterman Mediation, 101 Wickham Terrace Springhill Brisbane 4000

This woman preys on children making thousands, which is paid for by a corrupt abductor, & a serial rapist who kidnaped a 9-year-old girl despite full consent orders in place in family court despite this is a crime.

Following these extensive consent orders this child must live with her mother, have mediation with the rapist, child communication book with the rapist, for him to write gun threats to kill the mother.

A book was handed by the child to her mother at the Tmba child contact centre.

This Family Report by Sue Waterman was carried out in Brisbane, 7 days after the child was brutally kidnapped by 2 male Qld state police despite a federal child matter and AFP did not know about this serious “event”.

Mother and grandparents were injured in brutal home invasion kidnap.

Qld police Ross Hamilton, Jeremy Mckinlay, and connections inside ALL courts.

Waterman Mediation

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