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State : ACT
Office Location : Sue Connor & Associates – Canberra

Sue Connor was absolutely biased against me as a father. Her report contained made up information. For example, she reported that I do drugs and alcohol. This is not true and even though I challenged the report and got a second report from Strategic Psychology, the judge ignored the mistake. It looked like she copy and paste other patient’s report and would not produce it til I paid the $6.000 she charged for it. She was also the recommended report writer by Judge Hughes in Canberra… both feminists and both corrupt. I spent 3 years in Family Court to not even get the recommended time suggested by Sue Connor (8hrs per week under supervision) with my three children under 10. The order I have now allow 6 hrs per fortnight under supervision. The reality is, I see my kids at Merrymead 2 hrs a fortnight at a cost of $320 per visit.

Sue Connor is not equal in her views about men and women’s role in parenting. And she needs to be investigated. This whole city knows that if you have a lawyer and you want a biased report writer against the father… you gotta go to Sue Connor. What an extortion. And no one keeps her or the judge accountable for the children’s welfare. The alienation and damage is done.

Sue Connor and Associates


  1. Dear author, were you in federal circuit court self represented complaining about Sue Connor in September or November 2017? If you were, I think I was there in the court room the same day. Whether that was you or not, can you please contact me via contacting the administrator of this site who will pass my email address on to you. I totally agree with you that “It looked like she copy and paste other patient’s report”. It looked like that in the nonsense report I paid for too. She also outright lied in my report, claiming I’d attempted suicide a year earlier (no such thing occurred) and a whole bunch of other made up things, and didn’t even assess my ex for the very condition that my ex suffers from and that Sue Connor was paid to assess my ex for.
    The only difference between me and you? I’m a woman and my ex is a man – and I’ve been told by many lawyers and other professionals (and other victims) that Sue Connor and her partner Wendy Styles are woman haters and the ones you hire if you want to cut the mother from a child’s life.

    Like you, it’s been three years since I separated from my ex, he snatched my child as soon as we separated (despite having spent our entire marriage saying he didn’t want kids, and then when we actually did have a child, he spent our child’s entire life saying he hated having a child and avoiding spending any time with our child at all, even becoming violent if I asked him to look after our child for an hour or two so I could go to things like medical appointments etc). I was our child’s only carer while we were married, I have raised my older child alone after the loss of my first husband, and I too have even less time that what Sue Connor recommended, 100% based on her bogus false claims in her report. I would say her views are that fathers matter but that mothers do not.

    The point remains though – she is definitely corrupt, she makes up lies in reports, she sides with abusers and helps them get custody of children. I don’t think gender matters to her – she favours certain lawyers and makes up lies about the opposing parties. I’d love nothing more than to look into a class action against her for the harm done to our children. Please contact me and lets work together to find other victims of Sue Connor as I’m sure there are many others as well. She’s a liar and needs to be banned from practising. I just hope you report her to AHPRA.

    1. Dear Writers

      Please contact me. I, too, have been a victom of Sue Connor’s lies and perjury to the Court and her tampering with evidence. Luckily for me I recorded the interview (so, too, did Ms Connor’s) and I am able to prove that she perjured herself. I sought orders to release the report and my recording to the AFP for criminal charges and to AHPRA. The result of Ms Connor’s report has led to the obliteration of my children being separated, the escalation of family violence given how emboldened the father is that he has successfully fed the FCC a false narrative and my eldest child has been expressing suicidal ideations given she was forced to be separated from her only sibling and me.

      I have a solicitor assisting with a civil action against Ms Connor, however it is not that straightforward as the Family Report Writers also have immunity. Hopefully the AFP will charge Ms Connor with perjury and tampering with evidence and this can open up claims through the criminal procedure.

  2. I’m about to have a family report done by Sue Connor. The father has full custody in my case and uses my mental health against me. Is there any advice you can give me on her reporting style, questions she’s asked ect? Thanks

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