Steven Leech

State : NSW
Office Location : DCJ Paramatta

Wasn’t very nice to me February this year 2019.

There was an affidavit made where my address was on it. My daughter’s dad got my address in jail and wrote letters to me. They ended up being abusive letters like he was going to kill me so I rang Steven Leech, acting manager, and basically he didn’t care. He told me that my daughter’s father was bluffing and there is nothing that the police will do about it.

I went to the police and I got a DVO against my daughter’s dad and he was charged. I had told the previous caseworker that was working with us that I didn’t want my daughter’s dad knowing our new address and she reassured me that they would cross out all information like that. Steven Leech also said to me if I was safe at the moment then he would move on to the next case. Yes I was safe but it’s not the point it’s how he said it.

I’m extremely angry about it because I now have to move. Well that’s one reason why I have to move.

Steven Leech was a FACS caseworker before he became acting manager.

DCJ Parramatta

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