Sharon Hutchins

State : WA
Office Location : DCP Bunbury


Sharon Hutchins has a Bachelor of Arts(Social Science), Massey University in 1999. A Diploma in Community and Social Work at UNITEC, Auckland NZ in 2005 and a Graduate Certificate in Child Protection, UWA in 2012.

Current Employment:

Team Leader
Care Team 3
Department of Communities Child Protection and Family Services located at
80 Spencer Street
Bunbury WA 6230
10 years experience working with Child Protection Departments.

Previous Employment:

Child, Youth and Family Services in Auckland New Zealand.

Personal Life:

Sharon has 2 children of her own…Her son is now 19 years old and her daughter is in her 20’s

Sharon’s Facebook profile pictures leave a lot to be desired. Photos of her kissing her teenage son on the lips as well as photos of her with her hands on another females breast. Completely inappropriate behaviour for a person promoting family values and Family Preservation.

Interactions with Team Leader:

First impressions when engaging Sharon is that she is a friendly, caring, understanding person. An appearance and opinion that soon disappears.

Face to Face Meetings:

Sharon has a tendency to let Case Workers do all the talking at meetings with biological family members of children in care whilst she mainly focuses on taking notes.

Signs of Safety Pre Hearing Meetings:

Sharon attended with the Departments Lawyer. Started the meeting off by stating the department has hit a crossroad as they had nothing( no evidence and no idea what path or direction to take). Stated Restoration was off the table, not a consideration. Concluded the meeting by informing us that the Case Worker is on sick leave and if she hasn’t returned to work within the next 2 weeks that the department will then be replacing her citing the Case Worker has mismanaged the case for the past 18 months or more.

DCPFS Court Trial:

Sharon Hutchins made false statements when testifying under oath. She made allegations child’s biological parent displays Borderline Personality Disorder. Sharon is not a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist in order to make such diagnoses. She stated in her affidavit that the child has been with his current foster careers for 11 months yet child was only 9 and a half months old at time of trial. Sharon also provided documents filed with hearsay material, contradicting material/evidence and refused to answer most questions stating “No Comment”.

Interactions since Trial conclusion:

Sharon has cancelled scheduled contact visits despite magistrate citing all visits were to remain as they are until new Care Plan is made. Contact visits were 5 days per week for 2 hours then ceased for 12 weeks immediately after trial concluded. Contact visits then resumed but were reduced down to 1 hour every 3 months.

Sharon informed us reunification will not be happening citing the department has not intentions of reunifying children with biological family ever regardless of magistrates ruling.

Sharon cancelled a booked scheduled contact visit made by Case Worker citing it was not arranged during the allocated (3 month) period. Sharon has also refused a contact visit for child’s birthday claiming foster carer had already made plans for the child’s birthday even though contact visit was arranged 5 weeks in advance.

Sharon is not Family Focused and does not believe in Family Preservation. Her main goal is to keep children in departmental care to further traumatise child/children and destroy families because the departments government funding they receive per child in care per year means more to her than the BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD.

Main Goals:

Sharon will destroy families in order to increase the amount of government funding the department receives each year. Will inflict as much trauma on families as humanly possibly as she gets her kicks out of seeing others suffer.

Overall Summary:

Sharon is a vexatious, sociopathic, psychopathic, narcissistic person who will purposely set out to destroy yours and your child’s life without remorse. Will commit perjury in court and falsify documents in order to achieve her main goal.

Sharon is a real piece of work. She can’t be trusted and any parent who finds themselves having to engage her will need to watch their backs as she can’t be trusted for one second.

DCP Bunbury

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