Robert Harnett

State : NSW
Office Location : DCJ Campbelltown

Case worker said, I wasn’t a mother, I was only a baby maker.

Case worker and my lying, abusive, rapist ex husband who DCJ gave my kids to played sport at the same indoor sports centre. I was told by the case worker if I made a complaint about the conflict of interest, I would lose contact with my kids.

Case worker said I had to have contact visits with the ex, when I had AVO against him for bashing me, raping me, threatening to kill my kids and me, and I had strong fears for my life and my kids lives.

My ex partner was later jailed for abuse and threats to me. My solicitor, independent children’s lawyer and FACS lawyers all stated to court that ex partner was a danger to children, but the pathetic court system and judge overrode all 3 reports and granted unsupervised contact with the child. Then later down the track, my ex husband manipulated FACS with the help of his uncle, a corrupt magistrate, to get kids in his care.

The system is corrupt and only supports the abusers. The victims and survivors and kids all suffer. The system is a cash for kids system FACS emotionally, physically, psychologically, financially, spiritually, mentally and systematically abuse parents, families and children.

FACS alienate kids from their loving caring parents and families and siblings. FACS encourage one parent to alienate other parent from his/her children. FACS drug kids to shut them up from asking and wanting and begging to go home to their biological parents and families.

FACS and NGOs support foster carers, kinship carers and OOHC services and RESI homes which is where a lot of kids are abused sexually, physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially, spiritually and by alienation which is abuse in itself.

There needs to be an urgent shut down of all above-mentioned services and FACS departments and a royal commission into their corrupt dealings. FACS should be working firstly and fore-most with keeping kids with their biological parents and families and only use foster carers as last resort for extreme abuse cases like neglect, sexual abuse, drug users/dealers.

It’s wrong when all case workers and managers care about is meeting their quotas of how many kids they steal and profit of hugely each month.

Kids that are stolen in this corrupt abusive FACS system are brainwashed by FACS and foster carers who get paid highly for continuing to abuse kids in their so called care or in the so called minister’s bullshit care. All money hungry mongrels. None of who have the kids best interests at hand.

This case worker asked me if I was a drug user to which I said NO. He kept pushing the issue and I said I am prescribed prescription medication for hypertension caused by preeclampsia from my pregnancy. The next day, I was handed an affidavit from this case worker saying I am a drug user.

That’s lies, the case worker fabricated affidavits and committed perjury in court and defamed my good name and character. My only downfall was picking the wrong man to father my children coz when I ended the relationship with the abusive ex husband, he became vindictive and spiteful and with the help of his uncle a corrupt magistrate, he got my kids in his abusive care.

He brainwashes, buys kids to say and do what he wants to benefit him and alienates my kids against me. He even told my kids that I was to blame for him bashing me and raping me. Not a nice thing to be told by my own daughter.

My ex husband is portraying and teaching my daughter and sons that its ok for men to rape and abuse women and their wives and partners. I am a nurse and I have extensive experience working in the child care industry working with kids aged from birth to high school aged kids being 12 yrs old. I also work with kids and adults with disabilities of all natures.

I did not deserve any of this treatment from a lying, manipulative, corrupt, abusive FACS system or courts systems or NGOs or ex partners. My kids were stolen from me based on lies, perjury, fabricated affidavits and evidence and by a vindictive spiteful ex partner for me doing the right thing and ending an abusive, controlling, narcissistic, bi polar, schizophrenia psychopathic relationship which was toxic.

Why do FACS and courts abuse the victims and they support the perpetrators of abuse? Coz it keeps them all in jobs. It comes down to the money not the rights of a victim and their children. Its injustice. Its re-abuse of the victim again. These people like FACS and judges who abuse their power for the wrong reasons need to be held accountable for their actions just like I or any other person would have to be. What happened to human rights, children’s rights and parental rights?

DCJ Campbelltown

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  1. This is exactly what happened to me almost, minus the ex having a parent who is a judge. I’m in Perth WA, but if you ever want to reach out pls contact me –
    [email protected]
    I just started that email account.
    It’s time. I’m ready to take it all on, I want Justice. For all our kids.
    I want to make some noise .
    Join me.

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