Rebecca Henderson and Heather Clarke

State : NSW
Office Location : DCJ Wyong

This case worker had the carers hide my children for nearly three months while they were still in my care. She lied to family she lied to a family report writer that my kids were removed when they were not at the time. She fed him lies then used his report as a reason to remove them.

She hacked into my emails writing herself and other DOCS workers emails from my accounts created new Facebook accounts in our names and created abusing messages she used as evidence. She bugged my phones so she knew every time my children attempted to call me and had them beaten and punished.

She committed fraud in order to remove my kids because she was interested in Chukwuemeka Omelet a Nigerian she met on line that came here knowing me.

Lied and deceived the court, wrote false documentation. The children were wrongfully removed. They suffered horrendous abuse to silence them. One came back deaf, another has a personality disorder and one more had a complete mental breakdown impacting on the rest of his life.

Rebecca Henderson was issued with a certificate in 2015 from a judge in Gosford court house that she can be tried and tested in a criminal court for providing false and misleading evidence with a penalty of up to 7 years prison and yet nothing was done.

This case worker needs to be charged she destroyed my children’s lives.

DCJ Wyong


  1. This is all lies
    Bec would never do such a thing she has always helped everyone yea she slipped into addiction and had to leave her job but she was good at what she did and always wanted to keep family’s together

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