1. I will second that motion, I’m trying to have her changed as my case worker but I can’t. She is the supervisor too. I sense she has a vendetta out against me.

  2. Exactly the same as the comments above ..she lied and told me they were going to pay all expenses trip as I’m from WA. But it was a lie to keep me busy ..she is manipulative ,condescending ,and has made my boys scared to call me dad as when they have said it in front of their mum they have stopped looked at her and said I mean John …my boys are still separated and even though they were removed from their mother I am the only one not aloud to speak with them ..I believe she is taking royalties for finding certain people children of a young age and have proof of this ..I had everything ready for them .paid over 1000 in doing my own drug tests, had got a car my license back and everything they needed and more and was told I was not doing enough…

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