Miffy McDonald

State : VIC
Office Location : DHS Ballarat

I am intellectually disabled and she never allowed me to have an independent 3rd party when I had meetings. She told me that I’m losing my children because of my disability and then she came to my boyfriend’s house told me that my children were going to the grandparents for the weekend and she’ll bring them home Monday.

She was at my door with a court order at 9:00am. I had to be in court that day by 10:30am and I didn’t understand what was going on with my children’s case and I still don’t and to top it all off I lost my mother to cancer on the 23/12/2013 and I was going to see my mum the week that she died. Miffy McDonald told me that I had to come back to Ballarat and see my children and everything I have to do instead of being with my mum and she even breached me for it and now my kid’s are in permanent care and they shouldn’t be because she lets the fact that her mum walked out of her life to take children from their parents and leave them where they get sexual assaulted.

My daughter was 4 and we went to go tell the worker and I was told that I was making it up and told a 4 year old what to say but she believed the mother of the boy and the girl that were doing this when she made up stuff about me and she didn’t even investigate anything properly because the whole case against me was nothing but a big lie.


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