Meagan Kelly, Leonie Sanders,(morwell)Brenda (Shepparton)

State : VIC
Office Location : DHHS Morwell and Shepparton
Summary : Terrible

They took our children off me and my partner, we are fighting child protection through court at the moment, they are using everything in their power to get their order. We have done a number of assessments, done lots of parenting programs, and they were told to get us more services to help with the parenting, but nope they haven’t done so. They keep dragging this on and on and keep adjourning it. They are also using our mild disability against us. We are aware of our roll as parents, we feel discriminated by child protection. They also won’t transfer our nearly 6 year old back down here with younger sister, and son is in permanent care till he is 18. I don’t want that for the girls we want them home, we are stable now, they need to give us a chance and not judge us on how we parent our children. Having slight impairments does not impact our parenting capacity at all. We function really well in fact.

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