Lucy Karabidian

State : VIC
Office Location : DHHS Footscray

Case worker LUCY KARABIDIAN is one of the most toxic and unprofessional people I have ever had the displeasure to meet.

I agree that she also lies and fabricates evidence to suit her own agenda. She also doctored and tampered with court submitted documents and twisted stories to suit her own story lines. I know she lied on the witness stand. I have diary notes to prove it.

I also know she has been the source of several internal investigations that amazingly enough don’t find any “incriminating evidence”. Perhaps that’s because she destroys it all.

She must be independently investigated and cases going back years thoroughly examined. She would not last a minute in private enterprise. Guess that’s why she is still with DHHS. A job for life!

Good to see others are finally sharing their equally disturbing experiences of her with the world. If you get her on your case request a new case worker.



  1. I dealt with the demon called Lucy Karabidian too. She is a master at lying and manipulating.

    She is a disgusting little ball of lying garbage She fabricated evidence against me, colluded with other equally evil dhhs staff and withheld over 3500 pages of documents all pertaining to the abuse of my daughters. This was all exposed in court and I have all the evidence needed to prove it to anyone willing to pay attention to this evil witch.
    Sadly, even though she lied in court under oath and that she was 100% exposed in court during cross examination of other lying dhhs staff, nothing ever happened to her or Samantha Pell, James Hallpenny among other demons who all worked at dhhs preston in 2019/2020.

    Amazingly, the filthy thing continues to work for dhhs and gets paid by tax dollars to destroy families and children’s lives.

    FYI, we need to get together to expose this evil thing and put her in a jail cell where it belongs.

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