Leah Bolton

State : NSW
Office Location : DCJ Liverpool

Leah never worked with me or my parents, more like worked against us. She made my parents lives hell, tried to dictate what they could do with my kids.

Leah and Dina, the case manager, took my kids illegally! Without a court order. She stopped my phone contact when we moved back to Campbelltown and her lame ass excuse was cause we are closer to the children then when my kids got taken off my parents.

I asked her again about phone contact and she told me no not at the moment until the kids settle into their placements. Yet my 3 girls have been moved at least 6 or more times and my 2 boys have been moved twice.

She also told me that I have to “prove” that I can look after my 20 month old and 7 week old before she will consider restoration.

She was the worst case worker I’ve had and I’ve had a few. She would also make bullshit up that my “mum” would say. She’s nothing but a lying reptile.

DCJ Liverpool

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