Juliana Kim

State : VIC
Office Location : DHHS Dandenong

Despite asking to help my nephew with more funding for psychological appointments and his school begging she literally laughed at mime and the schools face telling us they were broke.

His behaviour escalated with threats to stab/kill and burn down the house which we had police out and had him sent off to hospital.

DHHS took him out of hospital. Juliana’s manager Joseph McNamara who I was dealing with, and put him into foster care after almost having him for two years.

He has been out of my care for almost two months and he’s already onto his 5th foster home.

They have never had my nephew’s best interest at all. In the almost two years I had him DHHS breached our privacy TWICE which resulted in myself my kids and my nephew having to be moved both times.

Both breaches happened within 8 months! The first one was by Lauren Mitchell and the second by Archford.

There is no support what so ever for carers and we get left feeling like the criminal!


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