Judges in County Court

Sector: Legal and Judicial
State: VIC
Location: County Court Melbourne
Role: Judge / Magistrate

I reported a county court judge to the security manager at the County Court. The judge was taking case files to the Herald Sun at Southbank in Melbourne!

I had notified the team when I was patrolling Southbank and noticed the judge’s vehicle unlocked. He had numerous scattered personal case files on the front seat.

A duress was raised and the judge lied about the need to be at the Herald Sun.

Being I was a government contractor for numerous sites I witnessed judges falling asleep during hearings and the relationships of lawyers and judges after hours.

Because of what I have witnessed at the county, magistrates, and children’s court, I do not trust judges, lawyers, or police due to the corruption and abuse of power and money trading that I witnessed occurring!

County Court Melbourne

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