Jo Kitchen

State : WA
Office Location : Fremantle

Team leader from hell. Passive aggressive and very deceitful.

Jo deliberately led me and social workers to believe I wouldn’t have my baby removed when he was born and lied to hospital staff telling them I was in agreement with the baby going into foster care.

He was illegally removed, domestic violence and my ex partner made it too unsafe for him to come home and put into care two days after birth. She then did everything she could to make sure I was isolated and blamed accusations of me being on drugs, then my mental health was another avenue taken to try painting me as an unfit mother.

Even passively aggressively threatening to take my other child into care when I did try and speak out.

Lied in the affidavit, it’s 99% bullshit, and absolutely untrue. My ex gets a paragraph maybe in mentioning him, the rest is me and I’m the one who is the victim.

She’s not sincere and reunification is not her goal at all, destroying innocent parents and families is her goal.

Do not believe a word she says, she’s evil!!

DCJ Fremantle


  1. My kids were removed without warning told me it was just for a few months now saying a year
    I refuse to go back in that office due to their lies. My kids are in tears everyday accused me of mental health issues also.

  2. Jo kitchen is the biggest joke in the department. I’ve moved onto a different team but she still interferes. She has no intention of kids being returned and even if you meet her goals she throws out another hurdle. I’m actually pushing for her boss Vania Da Paz to be removed as she doesn’t take any complaints and constantly sticks up for Jo. Jo turned up 45mins late to mediation and expected my partner and myself to continue with the meeting with no apology. I complained to Vania Da Paz and it even went down to Jo not being late to the meeting which was a load of bullshit. I could go on and on but I believe Vania Da Paz is the real problem as she accepts and protects their bullshit.

  3. I’m the author of the report.
    They are just a sick joke, the whole goddamn place. That evil thing moved to another office and I was under the reunification team or one of them. I was weeks away from my baby coming home for good finally, up to unsupervised at home contact, everything.
    Then out of no where- accusations of seeing my ex still which was utter bullshit, requests for hair tests again, concerns about safety again……they turned around from wanting us reunified , and helping me , this new team leader and case worker applied for an 18 year order.
    It almost destroyed me. I couldn’t work it out. Why? Wtf?
    Out of nowhere
    Guess whose name popped up as having viewed my linked in profile….?
    Fucking evil piece of shit. She is a fucking abomination and I’ve tried everything to complain and bring attention to it and the shit things being done to me. All driven by one vindictive soul less thing.
    I hope she gets hit by a truck one day. I hate her with a passion like, hate her.
    She’s destroyed my family.

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