Jennifer Cooper

State : NSW 
Office Location : DCJ Port Macquarie 

Jennifer changed birth certificates without birth parents consent. Omitted fathers name, siblings names, middle name of the child, changed place of birth. Jennifer listed her own name on the birth certificate and the “informant” and denied in court that this happened, yet the birth certificate shows this to be true.

From the falsified birth certificate, falsified passports were then created by more caseworkers and children were trafficked from Australia without birth mums consent or knowledge.

Jennifer also alienated mum from kids. Jennifer cuts calls without reason then claims “YOU” didn’t answer your phone.

Jennifer turns families against each other to isolate any possible supports.

Jennifer writes hearsay cut n pasted reports to incriminate parent with no questionable history. She created reports stating parents are alcoholics, yet they don’t drink, junkies yet don’t even take prescribed medication, have mental illness that has never been diagnosed by professionals and puts targets on the parents back to have no help supports or even family help.

Jennifer cancels contact without informing parents, even though you drive hours to get there and pay for accommodation.

Jennifer contacts Centrelink and makes sure all your benefits are cut off so u have no income to pay rent, bills, travel to see kids or even eat.

Jennifer is an apparent pathological narcissistic liar and sociopath.

Jennifer has no heart or empathy.

Jennifer commits perjury on witness stand.

Jennifer places kids with known perpetrators of sexual and physical violence.

Jennifer has no compassion to kids in her presence who are crying sick or injured.

Jennifer adds photos of houses kids were removed from that aren’t even the house they lived in.

Jennifer does not reply to emails or calls or is she willing to work with anyone including services in support of the parent.

Jennifer threatens bullies abuses and harasses parents and children.

DCJ Port Macquarie

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