Melanie Manning, Samantha Pell, James Halpenny, Sian Weiss, Lucy Karabidian

James Halpenny

State : VIC
Office Location : DHHS Footscray and Preston

These people have all lied and fabricated evidence as well as hid factual evidence and they also doctored and tampered with court submitted documents.

They committed perjury on the stand and made false police statements that were proven to be false.

The above mentioned have colluded and caused so much harm to me and my children so they could cover up all the heinous crimes they have committed.

I have all the factual and irrefutable evidence to prove my assertions and they know it. This is why they are trying to destroy me.

I have the most serious case here and my evidence cannot be disputed in any way. These child abusing criminals need to be held to account.

Sadly I only have one picture of James Halpenny the criminal. The others all hide their faces out of shame.

DHHS Footscray and Preston


  1. Yes the Footscray and Preston office has given us a similar experience and in particular with the case worker LUCY KARABIDIAN. She is one of the most toxic and unprofessional people I have ever had the displeasure to meet. I agree that she also lies and fabricates false evidence to suit her own agenda. She also doctored and tampered with court submitted documents and twists stories to suit her own story lines. I know she lied on the witness stand. I have diary notes to prove it.
    I know she has been the source of several internal investigations that amazingly enough don’t find any ‘incriminating evidence’. Perhaps thats because she destroys it all. She must be independently investigated and cases going back years throughly examined. She would not last a minute in private enterprise. Guess thats why she is still with DHHS. A job for life! Good to see others are finally sharing their equally disturbing experiences of her with the world.

    1. We are going through a very difficult time at the moment , because of Lucy Karabidian does this lady have a heart or even listens to anything or anyone who have had false allegations made against them , I hope these men can cope with what you are having to be put through and will need lots of money because how can we not fight for our children we love with all our heart, they don’t care how we feel at all. I just hope you can hold on for a long horrible ride that’s filled with lies and no respect because we are guilty from day 1.our beautiful children that we are wanting to cuddle and let them know we will be there for them. Lucy needs to read through everything and not treat men with no respect at all. Good luck to you all .

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