Jacqueline McGeorge

State : NSW
Office Location : DCJ Macarthur

Told me I’d never see my kids while I was breathing. Told me she’d personally make sure my kids never lived with me (3 years later still no investigation done on the allegations and kids not in my care). All this because I refused to go back to the father of my kids. Who was sexually abusive to me and later (now still by word from my 5 year old) to our 5 year old. No matter what I ring and tell facs they don’t do anything because I’m the bad parent yet I haven’t been told to this day what I supposedly did wrong. She harmed my daughter the day she took her (was thrown head first into the back of their car while having an epileptic seizure). She needs to be fired, my kids need to be returned, and a REAL investigation needs to be done on my ex, the department and also the original false allegations

DCJ Macarthur

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