Ian Eggins

State : NSW
Office Location : Catholic Care Hunter and Manning Valley

Ian was the area manager at the time. The last time I have seen my two eldest boys, my eldest son had a mark on he’s left cheek. I raised concerns about his injury. When I questioned my son he looked very concerned & told me he fell on a chair. I then asked his case worker whose name I cannot recall, told me he’d fallen over at school and hit a rock. Then the area manager Ian Eggins told me he’d fallen off play equipment at the park. This concerned me greatly being told three different stories.

Being a Catholic organisation I was very worried. When I raised these concerns Ian Eggins twisted them into threats & cut all my contact off with my children. I’ve tried in vain to contact them and keep getting run around in circles. I just want to see my boys whom I love & miss very much.

When asking Ian Eggins why my contact had been taken away his response was “because we can do what ever we want. We don’t need a reason or evidence. We are in control of your children now all your parenting rights have been removed”.

Every time I’ve rang the Catholic Care organisation they put me on hold & leave me on hold for hours or until I hang up tired of waiting.

CatholicCare Hunter Manning

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