Heather Clarke and Christy Barton

State : NSW
Office Location : Wyong, Central Coast

They lied, protected abusers of domestic violence. They made my children’s go to my father’s as a “safety plan” because I was “showing signs of mental health” as any normal parent would, being stuck at a public school with her two children in the front office and not being able to leave until DCJ have come and had a word with me.

I knew in my heart what that word and conversation was about and until I completed a urinalysis and got a complete mental health check, the kids would have to reside with my father and step mother. I calmly agreed as the kids were present in the front office. They drove me back to home from school with the children I ran inside and packed two weekend bags for the kids and ran back out to car.

When I had come back outside the next door neighbour’s one-year-old child was half dressed on Toowoon Bay main road. It was raining, cars were slamming their brakes on trying not to hit the next door neighbour’s child.

By this time the traffic on both sides of the road came to a complete stop. I chucked the bags on the ground ran picked D*****, the neighbours little girl and put her back into her front yard. The mother didn’t come back from up the road for another 14 minutes and I sat at that window, as I can see the front yard from my house and I was in a complete nervous wreck due to the fact my children have been taken off me and have really bad separation anxiety about leaving me. I couldn’t do my mental health check up until Monday morning.

I sat at that window for 48 hours from Friday until Monday morning and there was not one welfare check done. Not one! When this incident happened DCJ workers did not put in any reports and it was not filed as a mandatory report or a ROSH report.

They drive away with my children and turn around and guarantee my children’s safety I do not for a second believe it…..

DCJ Wyong

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