Hannah Reardon

State : VIC
Office Location : DHHS Seymour

I was not informed that Child Protection were removing my children from my care. I was told by my mother. It then took me three days to reach the worker assigned to our case.

Hannah did not follow up on the welfare of my children, even after I begged her to remove my children from their fathers care and place them temporarily in my mothers care as their father is violent and abusive.

My children had been removed temporarily from my care due to continuously taking them back to a volatile household. I was a victim of domestic violence and was self medicating. When the children were removed from my care, I came clean with everyone about everything.

I had previously booked my self in for AoD Counselling 3 months prior to this. Our CPS worker, Hannah, advised my children’s father to start legal proceedings against me, and the initial Notice of Risk did not mention that substance abuse was an issue.

Hannah failed to request urine screens after I completed detox – on my own accord! And completed the 7-10 day course in 5 days WITH a certificate of completion!

When I asked why she hadn’t asked for urines, the reply I received was “oops, my bad! Something more important came up.”

She then breached my privacy by telling the kids father about my substance use, to cover her own mistakes, and then she closed our case. I was then taken back to court to have the Notice of Risk varied and the Courts made aware of my substance use.

I have been clean since May 2018 and produced numerous clean screens since. I have jumped every hoop and more. But… My children remain in their fathers care, with upcoming Trial in Feb 2020. I don’t stand a chance as Vic Legal Aid are sending me the 3rd Lawyer to look at my case due to the last 2 leaving. Yay.


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