Hannah Bowler

State : ACT
Office Location : CYPS – Canberra
Summary : Terrible

She apparently has 9 years experience in the field but I am being treated like a criminal. My case worker flirts with my ex partner and father of my children. She’s unprofessional and constantly challenging me on what I tell her instead of looking at the evidence in front. She lies to me. Nothing is being done about bruising that has been discovered in the same spot every week. I’m not getting any answers and she will not let me have my children back after they witnessed domestic violence and he is in custody until 2020. She’s accusing me about my son having anxiety, saying he is scared of me which is not the case. He has even told her multiple times that daddy hits him and he wants to come home but no one is listening. I’m on supervised visits when I shouldn’t be as I raised my children on my own since they were born years ago. My case worker accuses me of lying after the perpetrators deny everything. I have been made out to be the worst mother to my children’s schools, child care, drs etc. I just want to be treated fairly and given a chance to prove that I can look after and protect my children but no one is willing to give that to me.

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