Australia is grappling with a severe housing crisis. Skyrocketing property prices and inadequate affordable housing options have left many struggling to find suitable homes.

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Also, with rising interest rates in 2022 and 2023 the construction sector has begun to implode with many companies going into administration or liquidation.

The high demand for housing coupled with limited supply has driven prices to record highs. This crisis has far-reaching implications, impacting homelessness rates and housing security, especially for vulnerable populations.

Government initiatives are striving to address the housing crisis. But government policy is often at odds with purposes. The Housing Future Fund is an attempt to generate cash to enable the building of new homes, yet the high immigration rates mean that demand is outstripping supply. Couple this with the construction industry collapse and it means that the crisis will be ongoing and deepen.

Various affordable housing schemes and rental assistance programs have been introduced to support those in need. However, the gap between demand and supply remains a significant challenge, necessitating comprehensive strategies involving both public and private sectors.

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