Aged Care

The aged care industry in Australia faces significant challenges. It is currently undergoing substantial changes to improve the quality and accessibility of care for the elderly population.

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The country is experiencing a demographic shift with an increasing number of older Australians. This has lead to a greater demand for aged care services and facilities.

Makeup of the Sector

Australia’s aged care system is a mix of government-funded and privately operated services. The government provides funding and sets regulatory standards through the Department of Health. Various organisations, including not-for-profits and for-profit entities, deliver care and services.

Quality of Care

One of the significant issues in the aged care industry is the quality of care. Reports of abuse, neglect, and substandard care have raised concerns about the safety and well-being of elderly individuals residing in aged care facilities. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, initiated in 2018, aimed to investigate these issues comprehensively. Its recommendations are expected to bring about substantial reforms in the sector.

Resources and Funding

Funding and resource allocation are also key challenges. Adequate funding is crucial to ensure that aged care facilities can provide high-quality services and maintain appropriate staffing levels. The Australian government has been reviewing and revising funding models to address these concerns and provide sufficient financial support to the industry.

In-Home Care

Another important aspect is in-home care, which allows older Australians to receive care and support while living in their own homes. There has been a push for more funding and resources for in-home care to enable people to age in place comfortably and to maintain their independence for as long as possible.


Technology is playing an increasingly significant role in aged care, improving healthcare delivery, monitoring, and communication between healthcare providers and patients. Innovations such as tele-health, smart home devices, and health monitoring apps are being utilised to enhance the quality of care and the overall well-being of elderly individuals.


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