Government Review System

Since the inception of Broken System Productions, the caseworker review system has empowered families to publicly review child protection caseworkers. It has gained favour from those seeking to scrutinise the child protection sector, while authorities have met it with indignation.

This clearly demonstrates the efficacy of such a review system. Consequently, I expanded its scope to encompass all government workers. You can now evaluate any worker associated with government services.

The list encompasses professionals like lawyers and non-government organizations by design. Lawyers take an oath of allegiance to the Supreme Court in their practicing state, making them officers of the court, regardless of their practice type.

Non-government organisations receive government grants, effectively providing services on behalf of or contracted to the government.

You can assess any organisation with a government connection or an individual working for a government organisation or receiving government funding.

The reviews are publicly accessible, but to evaluate an organization or individual, you must join this site as a member. Membership is free and will always be. All that’s necessary is a valid email address.

If you haven’t yet become a member, sign up now using a valid email address, and contribute to exposing the misconduct and corruption endemic in our public service and connected agencies.