Emily Keller

State : SA
Office Location : DCP Elizabeth

Emily has made allegations that have lacked evidence, or provided no supporting evidence to back up why and what was making me be identified as emotionally unstable, when I was a victim of family domestic violence.

Emily KELLER had no intentions of ensuring me or my son had adequate help and support for navigation through a healthier life style and learning to accept help of professionals.

I have had EMILY KELLER lie about me which I can provide evidence that what she was alleging was false. Also that she is enabling a dangerous path that the father and I should never cross.

I was doing what was best for the children and was discouraged, belittled, blackmailed and taken advantage of because I was addressing certain life style habits honestly and telling the truth in hopes of acceptance and help.

She was able to twist my son’s words and mine and use what I was honest about myself to be able to have that deflected and used as a tactic to have reason to remove the child.

Being able to lie and falsely accused in the youth court without justice or remorse I stand scared and powerless, the legislation and laws within family and children courts needs to be reviewed and demanding I have a professional of the courts to take a hard look at my case and how I have substantial information and documents that provide otherwise.

The father of my children, my abuser, is still being able to hurt me through our children, abandoning and disowning them.

To have trust a government worker whom shown continuously that she broke the law and was able to bailed for herself with he said she said, and the contradiction and hypocritical behaviour has left me and my children forever effected.

DCP Elizabeth

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