Emily Keller

State : SA
Office Location : DCP Elizabeth

Emily Keller didn’t want to and wouldn’t listen to anything I tried to say to her. She just kept replying (I’ve heard otherwise and we believe otherwise).

I have proof that the allegations she has made are false and my children are safe at home with me. I spoke to a legal aid officer and she believes after reading all paperwork and a lot talking together that there should not have even been enough circumstantial evidence for her to be able to come in and remove my children from the home. I believe she is not and was never wanting to help me or my children.

To be able to say something that’s not true and then take your children away over it must make her feel like very powerful person but I think she is abusing her authority in the system and taking more then she has to?

I’m so confused with everything right now.

DCP Elizabeth

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