Elle Wilding-Schramm

State : TAS
Office Location : New Town

She’s a complete and utter joke. She is currently letting one of my children be brainwashed against me by his kinship careers.

Tried to use a genetic heart condition that me and one of my children share to stop me from seeing him. I explained the risks of it and that there is no current risk of my child’s heart stopping until teens and 20s. She did not believe me as it took my mother to say the same thing that she then put in writing to me.

No communication since June 2019 will only write letters that doesn’t give me answers as to what’s going on with my youngest. Believes lies that my youngest’s kinship carers say and believes lies that my abuser and his partner say.

She is a liar. I’ve caught her out a number of times. If she answers my calls she won’t speak to me and hangs up. My children are down to be reunited with me eventually as they couldn’t get an 18 year order.

Also Sonia Jones ‘independent children’s advocate’ should not be in this roll as she is an ex case worker, on cps pay roll and is working with carers, which is against what the OOHC reform report 2014 states.

There’s so much I could say about this worker along with Jaqueline Russel, John (I don’t know how to spell his last name) but he is Elle’s team leader he is the laziest worker. Like I said I could say so much about these people that don’t know their own act, legislation, and reports.

Children Youth and Families

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