Desleigh Hodges

State : QLD
Office Location : Child Safety Cannon Hill

Placed restrictions on me speaking with carers after a court only made an order on the condition I could speak with carers.

The previous mention I told the court about these restrictions and the magistrate adjourned the next mention for 8 weeks as the child was moving placement and I would then be able to tell the magistrate if I am allowed to speak with carers?

Since the team leader was not in court when I reiterated this to her she said “Oh, but we can always put them back in place” and that was exactly what she did?

She no longer works at that office but has transferred to a different office to make someone else’s life a misery!

These people are never sacked, just move to a different office!

Child Safety Cannon Hill


  1. Omg I dealt with them also. To let you know they failed there last 2 audits so they are running on lies. I was a carer with a little girl. We were getting on great with her biological mum didn’t need them. But because they needed funding they made life hard and removed her for no reason. She was with us for 5 years from a baby. We are not allowed to speak to her as she wants to come home to us and her brother.

    1. Yes, it is never what’s in the child’s best interest? Can’t have children happy? I have heard of this quite often? If a child is happy and settled, leave them, but they have to use their “Power” I have had 2 good case workers in 14yrs? Says it all! These workers deliberately go out of their way to try and break you, and often succeed? “PUREEVIL”

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