Deborah Bruinsma

State : NSW
Office Location : Family Consultant Social Worker – Adelaide

Ignored subpoena material or never read any of it. Deborah did not act in any way towards best interests or human rights of my children.

She allowed “‘undue influence” to occur during a family report with my kids after not having seen them in over a year since they were abducted.

Ignored parental alienation of older child.

Wrote a horribly wrong and biased family report that ultimately said I was to have “no contact” with the children again.

This report resulted in permanent damage as the court and ICL could use it against me preventing even supervised contact.

She did not investigate my claims that my mother had already told police and local courts that I did not hurt my kids.

I work as a health professional. I have no criminal convictions. Yet I was treated like the worst person on the planet from this cruel and evil individual.

Get her out of the family courts and away from other parents and children!!!

Deborah Bruinsma Consulting

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