Debbie Lucraft

State : NSW
Office Location : DCJ Nowra

Debbie sat opposite me and told me she was well aware my child’s carer was a known perpetrator of sexual and physical violence. She told me she had heard this from several family members including me.

She said she had spoken to him directly and he admitted to her he had orchestrated this on his wife and kids for nearly 30yrs. But she then said that’s all in the past as he currently now holds a WWCC.

So the now grandchildren in his care as a result have made reports of the physical attacks on them and DCJ just ignore them, and if they report these to parent who then reports it to DCJ they then punish the mother by stopping contacts or phone access and or fail to facilitate these contacts.

Debbie also took 3 days to let me know my own mother had died as she said she was too busy and took just 3 mins to do this call and hung up when I asked questions, so as not to answer me.

She also stopped me seeing my kids after their uncle’s death.

I’ve lost track of cut n pasted reports Debbie has written in any attempt to incriminate me.

Also lies about kids being happy in care when they are far from it.

She hasn’t notified me about change in placements when kids are passed around carers.

DCJ Nowra

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