Casey Barber

State : NSW
Office Location : DCJ Paramatta

In 2015 my daughter was 2 yrs old. She was removed from me and my partner at the time. My other daughter was moved around 5 different placements from the age of 2 to 3.

When she moved through her 5 placements it was meant to be a stable placement but it broke down because my daughter was getting abused and neglected by the carer and her daughter.

Apparently it was investigated by the NSW Ombudsman but apparently nothing happened and she is still a carer. Since then I’ve never been given a sorry, or been acknowledged about what happened.

I’ve never been given any compensation for what has happened, the stress and the emotions it had caused me and FACS know how I feel about this. I want something done about this because this isn’t right.

DCJ Paramatta

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