Broken System Productions Returns

Hi there once again. It has been a while since posts, but Broken System Productions is back and holding Governments to account.

This site began life in 2018 to fill a need to report on child protection and family court issues.

The issues reported on have not become any better since then, and there is a greater need than ever to hold governments to account.

Back then, the Victorian Government certainly didn’t like the scrutiny. In 2020 they tried to have this site shut down 1. In response, I simply moved it to a jurisdiction with better freedom of speech laws and it has been happily hosted there ever since.

Unfortunately, however, the site fell into a state of disrepair and had no regular updates.

Well, all that has now changed.

Broken System Productions is back and has my commitment to telling the stories of Australians.

New Initiatives

I have already implemented some new initiatives and more are planned.

Government Worker Review System

The Case Worker Review System has been expanded to become the Government Worker Review System. It now allows for reviews of any government organisation or worker.

This expansion includes all government-connected organisations and workers.

For example, lawyers can now be reviewed due to their oath with the Supreme Court in the state(s) where they practice binding them to the government. They are regarded as officers of the court.

Likewise, non-government and not-for-profit organisations and workers also come under the same scrutiny.

Organsiations identified as non-government or non-profit create an impression that the government is not involved with them, when often at the very least these organisations receive government funding.

Ability To Tell Your Own Story

Many of you who have been involved with government services don’t feel heard and don’t feel like you have a voice to tell the wider community your experiences.

I have therefore provided you the ability to have a voice and write and publish your own story.

At the moment it is just basic functionality but I intend on expanding that over time with resources to help you write.

Proper Journalism

The focus of Broken System Productions has always been to tell real stories and report real situations that are affecting Australians.

This has not changed. In fact, it is the sole purpose of this site to enable Australians to be heard.

There are many stories in the pipeline to be told. Unfortunately, some have been waiting for a long time to be told.

When you are told you should approach the media I want you to have a real alternative.

Too often I hear people have been told to get the media involved. But when you approach media they won’t run your story.

It is time for that to change and it is time for you to have a real voice.


  1. Attempted Government Suppression

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