Bernie Andrews, Nicole Howlett and Michelle Beale

State : WA
Office Location : DCP Fremantle

These workers are just pure evil. Narcissistic, deceitful, psychopaths who commit perjury, make false statements. They destroy families in order to gain a promotion.

Nicole Howlett inflicts as much trauma on families as humanly possible after the fact. Any and all evidence I have to prove all the lies they told didn’t matter. I was never even looked at or listened to.

Bernie Andrews will blatantly lie to your face and lie on legal documentation. And continually tell you that you will not get your child back and that they will end up just keeping them till 18.

Michelle Beale is probably the worst of them all as she will be your best friend and get as much infomation out of you then disgustingly uses it all against you.

Once the department have stepped in, destroying a poor child’s emotional and mental well being. They will red flag you so that NO SUPPORTS are available. And any they do put forward will require a referral from them first so it does not matter even if you are working with the department you will never get anywhere.

It is a disgusting abuse of power. And SOMETHING SERIOUSLY NEEDS TO HAPPEN, otherwise we will just start taking things into our own hands and do what should have been done a long time ago and DESTROY all caseworkers and the department illegally. Cos no matter what happens The Department are always right.

DCP Fremantle

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