Belinda Thompson

State : NSW 
Office Location : Maitland  

Belinda arrived at court having never met kids who were stolen and or ever met mother they were stolen from. She had taken over the case just 3 weeks before court and yet submitted affidavits about kids and mother that were purely intended to incriminate the mother.

All cut n pasted notes with no credence taken from other caseworkers and herself adding in fantasy accusations which she says mother is guilty of.

Belinda wrote of a house kids were stolen from that she had never been in or seen and or even been in same town prior to court. In this she claimed the boy had been locked in a steel boxed room that in court seeing floor plans and photos of this house she could not show where this said room was that even the boy had no knowledge of? But could not also of kids she has never met or spoken to yet wrote they were healthy happy n doing well now in care.

Belinda is extremely unlettered. I think, umm, err, I don’t know are her most common used words.

Belinda claims in affidavit that she has a Care Plan and kids get to see their mother and yet these contacts are not facilitated. The so called care plan was never created between FaCS and the mother and carer.

Everything from her mouth are lies and when you catch her out she denies it again even when you show evidence of this.

Belinda refuses to take phone calls and or see you in the office. If you front her office she is unavailable and yet if someone with you calls her from Carpark she funnily enough is in her office.

Belinda stops court ordered contact with no reason. Belinda refuses to allow kids phone access with mother. Belinda cuts contact on date after you have travelled hours to and or paid for accommodation.

Belinda knowingly places kids with known perpetrators which all court orders state there is to be no contact with.

Belinda took 18 months to do a sexual and physical abuse check on a perpetrator after the court ordered this and in that time had already organised the child to be placed in danger with a man who had over 45 years history as an abuser that due to his abuse several family members committed suicide.

This abuse documented in court by birth mother, grandmother, two uncles several friends or partners attached to as well as coroner and many Drs over 30yrs.

Belinda does not inform you that carers who are related to you are dead and or when you do speak to her she doesn’t even have the decency to say sorry for your loss.

Belinda does not let you then see kids with these deaths and or even speak to them on phone to see they are OK.

Belinda does not inform you when carers house your kids are in was lost in floods.

Belinda does not tell you kids change houses, towns, carers, schools.

Belinda does not notify you when kids are moved around placements or placed in short term stays with more abusers, pedos and known violent men.

Belinda does not inform you when kids run away and have police take them home, yet tells police that they only did because they saw their mum and she probably told them to.

Belinda does not inform you of school suspensions or expulsions kids get yet writes in her affidavit for court co-signed by her co-worker that the children are happy and doing better now in care.

Belinda forgets to book supervisors accommodation or venues and or call dates with carers so when you miss out in both she doesn’t bother to make up for her mistake.

Belinda does not report the abuse declared by kids. This can be being bashed to held down and had liquid soap poured down throat, to kicked and hit, to burnt to sexually interfered with to endless days absent from school.

Belinda tells carers when kids declare abuse so they are again bashed for not keeping silent. If multiple kids declare the abuse she makes sure kids are separated.

Belinda forces kids to lie telling them if they dont say or do what she says they’ll not see their mum.

Belinda grooms kids into lying to parents about who they were with or why.

Belinda gaslights kids having them think things occurred until the mother shows photos to the child to prove they didn’t.

Belinda hangs up on calls supervised if the child says or asks anything in relation to why they are in care or any knowledge of what they’ve been doing.

When Belinda’s actions are questioned with proof of her crimes she then gets a second supervisor in to make sure two incriminating reports go against the parent.

Belinda alienates parents and children and in turn siblings

Belinda is a pathological liar. Belinda is an apparent narcissist. Belinda is an apparent sociopath.

Belinda can stop contact for years with no grounds and not even bother to contact parent no matter how many calls or emails she gets from parent.

Belinda writes reports about contact with never herself being present.

Belinda writes of mental illness she suggests mother has without herself even being medically trained or the parent seeing a specialist Dr.

Belinda repeatedly gets reports about neglect or abuse which she does not follow up. She ignores them even when kids have declared this in front of parent.

Belinda lies in court. Belinda threatens bullies harasses parent and also kids.

Belinda tries to profit from deceased estates by stopping birth right parent/child from accessing this inheritance which is not relevant to her managing kids in care.

Belinda creates dramas and pushes hate between siblings and likewise family.

Belinda does not inform you when a carers partner attacks your child with an axe.

Belinda does not tell you when police have repeatedly been called to assist a child in danger from carer or associations of the carer.

Belinda does not help a child who is stating they will commit suicide.

Belinda is Brittle.

Belinda’s reports are mythomania and pseudologia fantastica, as she is out of control with her chronic behaviors and actions which is compulsive or to create habitual lying.

Belinda is an accomplice for known perpetrators of sexual and physical violence.

Belinda knowingly keeps kids in a dangerous placement.

Belinda tells the kids their mother has mental issues and is dangerous and incapable of parenting.

Belinda tells kids their mother hates them or doesnt love them and doesn’t want to see them.

Belinda psychologically abuses kids.

Belinda acts dumb to any knowledge of abuse by carer when its listed in all reports even coroners report .

Belinda cleared a court ordered investigation of a carer with sexual and physical violence history taking 18mths to do so and cleared the perpetrators by a 4 min phone call to the victim via 3rd party and in this botched investigations does not see victim in person or want to see evidence or wants to speak to multiple witnesses who do know it occurred and in this had already placed children with that perpetrator.

Belinda is an enabler of abuse.

DCJ Maitland


    1. Id believe it.
      Common traits they all share Nationwide.
      Caseworkers all do this because they are never held accountable for their criminal actions in or out of court

  1. How do u allow this?
    Your kidding right?
    Have u never stepped into Family or Children’s courts to see nothing anyone says or does will let things change.
    Courts bleed u of all funds legally fighting and or legal aid wont fund your case and in this courts cover up for these vile creatures who are paid to steal kids.
    So noone u complain to within Facs complaints ombudsman MPs or even in court bothers to hold these bastards accountable for their piss poor actions. Time Australia knew what the so called Child Protection is really about.
    Read all comments in this.
    How many do u see speak highly of a caseworker? Tell u right now, none will and further to this go sit at Family courts some day and hear first hand of the abuse of the system on innocent victims and not one thing anyone can do to save kids of Australia. If u think u can make a difference dig deep buddy and let us all know who actually bothers to hear cries of kids and their parents.

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