Belinda Thompson

State : NSW
Office Location : Maitland

In 2017 I was granted FaceTime with kids.

To date despite repeatedly asking, This has never occurred.

Recently Ms Thompson, via email contacted me and offered phone access once every other month.

I reminded her FACETIME permission was granted.

Ms Thompson informed me DUE TO COVID19 FaceTime would not be possible?

Uncanny she had also not facilitated any FaceTime in 27 moths then since court.

I emailed Ms Thompson back asking her to provide me, the parent to child reasons for COVID19 contamination as I’m unaware you can contaminate anyone via video call on mobile phone some hours apart? But clearly MS THOMPSON must be right hey?

To date MS THOMPSON has not provided me any such links, grounds, cases or reasons why I cant have these now occurring other than the fact said child is placed with known perpetrators of sexual and physical violence and if I was to do FaceTime with said child it would show the fact Ms Thompson was not facilitating the call via her office as arranged by me, to therefore monitor the calls, due to my ask to stop said perpetrator coercions, during calls with child.

Or then Ms Thompson then trying to fool me into thinking the known perpetrator wasn’t instead monitoring the call even though AVO was in place by me against that same perpetrator, who court orders state WILL NOT BE present in said child’s life or listed as a carer and instead now is at Ms Thompsons instructions. Which he could via a phone call and not even one video-call?

As a result 34mths not one call, not one video-call (FaceTime), and funnily enough not even any contacts in this time.

ALIENATING a child from its BIOLOGICAL parent is EXACTLY the same as erasing part of the child!

Teaching a child to unnecessarily hate their biology, preventing them from knowing their parent without cause, or lying to a child about their history is preventing a child in being their whole self!!! Denying a child to use their name given by their birth parent and all memories of their time with their biological parent is unequivocally an act of evil

ALIENATION is another form of CHILD ABUSE!

Pretty sure COVID19 has not gone that long but this is proof the incompetence of Ms Thompson with failures to comply to orders and intentional alienation or isolation of myself and said child.

Proof of how much of a pathological narcissistic sociopath she indeed is. Belinda Thompson is a known enabler and accomplice for perpetrators of sexual and physical violence and therefore knowing a child is being abused, she is therefore as guilty as the perpetrator.

DCJ Maitland

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