Belinda O’Connell

Sector: Child Protection
State: VIC
Location: Dandenong
Role: Caseworker / Case Manager

I met Belinda after being forced to go to Dandenong hospital after reporting an organised crime where she stole my baby!

She came back a week later and told me I should have had an abortion. Motherhood is a burden to society. That I am lazy and should go get a job.

She said that I wouldn’t be able to go to court being I was locked in hospital premeditatedly!

She said because you refuse to vaccinate your son we will vaccinate him for you and you are a neglectful mum!

She never answered my calls or returned them.

I reported some of her abuse and the staff at the hospital witnessed it and allowed it to continue.

Her colleague laughed at me when I called to report her and asked to stop the vaccination of my son and said you can’t do anything you are stuck in there.

Belinda lied to the family member who had my son, whom had a mental illness and was being treated and also taking drugs. She said she couldn’t handle this and blocked me.

I haven’t spoken to my family since because of their actions and because of the bribing of my family that they’d receive money to look after him and to get information to keep him.

I had warned them not to take the bait. They ruined my relationship with my family.

She also brought my son into the hospital after almost a month of not seeing him whereby she ordered me to change his bottom which was red raw and looked like he’d been abused.

I cried and just held my son. It was torture.

DHHS Dandenong

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