1. This Mr Kordic, he had my Grandson taken away, under the pretence that it would only be for 12 weeks. After the 12 Week’s he sad he was not coming home, had him in Allambie House at Dora Creek, then he was placed with foster carers. They destroyed his life, blaming him for things that never happened all proven in COURT. These Docs worker’s are child stealers & child destroyers. I do not know how they can sleep at night. The lie’s they get away with is unbelievable.

  2. Take’s children away from family saying they will be back home in 12 week’s But this never happens then your child is placed with foster carer’s who destroy their lives, blame your child for thing’s that never happened proven by the court’s these things never happened. Then no one want’s your child so they beg you to take the child back how hypocritical is this of course I had my child back & still have these people have no heart pure evil just saying.

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