Amanda Ford

State : VIC
Office Location : DHHS Shepparton

I begged these people for help for over ten years when they finally decided to come into our lives she judged me in my appearance.

I was ordered to do random urines and she made me do them 3 times a week each and every one came back clean.

Instead of helping us she tried to take my boys for two weeks in a row claimed me to be negligent.

I had a full psyche assessment done which proved me to be sane, not off with the fairies as she labelled me.

When I asked for a new case worker she told me I was stuck with her and had no rights to a new worker. This happened in 2015. I was a mother who was looking after her issues and begging for help. Instead of helping us she tried hard to take my boys.

I won my case two weeks in a row. Proving I was not in fact negligent towards my boys.

DHHS Shepparton

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  1. Omg we r having the issues with this horrible person..self righteous, opinionated woman..hope you guys are doing well…this has only begun for us.

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